joi, 31 decembrie 2009

Katja and giveaway

Hello, hello.

Long time no see. I was really busy with all the Christmas stuff, and you know, I was so lazy that I couldn't write a single word. I have to say it was an interesting Christmas for me, if I can say so. My Christmas tree has been brighting my ideas and my euphoric mood. On the 24th, I met my best friend, Alexandra, and give her my special present: a wise owl!

Anyway, in this post I've really wanted to present one of my greatest inspiration. Katja is a 25 years old German woman who owns Maedchenmitherz [] . As I could see in her posts, she's a lover of life, a creative person and a great artist. I check her blog aprox. 7 times a day or even more. I truly appreciate her.

She has a GIVEAWAY *yay* , so I really think you mustn't miss it. Here are the things that you can win:

Here there are a fawn brooch, which is actually my favourite, a crocheted headband and a XO-brooch. They're awseome and so is Katja [by the way, I always wanted to say that I love this name].

The last day is today, 31st December, so make sure you won't miss it. Here's the direct link:

P.S. I'll come later with a new year special post. See you then, sweeties!



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