marți, 22 decembrie 2009


'Morning sunshine.

I've just woken up and I already have big, but BIG plans. Besides today will be a busy one, 'cause I'm trying hard to finish all my Christmas presents: go to the copy shop, print, print, print; make something cuuuute with the things you have, pack and hide them. Ah, man, that sounds like a plan and a half :]]

Yesterday I had a photo shoot. Yay. First, I wanted some photos for my X-mas presents. Second, I was inspired. Holy craaap, very inspired! Third, in the past few years I was frequently asked what I want to become once I grow up; I thought really hard at this topic and I've realised that the only career that is meant to be mine is an art one. Okaaaay, but art is a large domain? What about art? Then, I thought about my talents: writing, imagination, drawing, dreaming, communication, talking and talking to people who have the same aspirations as me. So, that's it: I'll be a writer and a fashion designer. YEAH!!

I intend to talk more about fashion, especially because I'm sturdier than ever. I know who I am, I know what I can, I know my way, so let it happen! I've found some fashion models from spring, which I have never colored since two days ago. Actually, I have one more model to color. Here's the first one:

From now on, I'll post my fashion inspiration, models, hopes and, yeah, all I'll think of. Anyways, I decided I'll pursue Art& Design in the USA, so I'll definitely need some help. If someone knows something about fashion schools there, it'll be a bless!

Okay, more later, when I'll share the greatest Christmas shop I have ever seen - in Stratford [William Shakespeare's birthplace], England.

So, which is your dream career?

I'm going to my warm breakfast nou - hot capucchino, yuuuum. See you later this day.

Have a wonderful morning,

Larisa xxxx

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  1. Multumesc! I appreciate the kind words you left on my dA/blog. I actually didn't know that you had a blog...but now I do! =D

    All the best!



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