duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

Hi there

This summer I realised what I am going to do. I really want to do something that fits with me, something creative, fun and absolutely loveable. I discovered my passion for handamade goods, too, I've drawn and written and really feel like making a dream come true.

Today I felt really inspired! All day I felt like doing something creative and, in the end, I finished a 'Inspiration CARDS'S Pack'. Here there are some pictures.

There are four cards. Each single one is handmade. There are printed one a quality paper, written by hand, drawn and they have little stickers on them :X

I simply love how they came out!

Here is the front cover. The cards are encased in tin-foil [like chocolate] and then fold up in this packing.

Here is the back cover. It's signed on the back. Can you see the tin-foil?

If you're interested in buying this little piece of art, just send me an e-mail.

Hope you're starting an inspiring week.

xXxX. Larisa