miercuri, 31 octombrie 2012


Oh, hello ! :)

It's been over a month since I've last posted here, but I am ok with that. I check my blog and my e-mail several times a day, I visit my favourite blogs everytime a new post goes up and I feel like this is pretty good. 

I am still working on having a balanced life style (or maybe that's what we all do?). School keeps me busy (and tired) all the time, so it feels really nice to be able to do something else too - like reading, watching Grey's Anatomy, painting, dreaming and sleeping. Yes, these days I'm really enjoying sleeping. Sometimes it's great to just unplug yourself from the real world and recharge, don't you think?

On the other hand, I think that Fall has finally settled in! The air is very crisp, leaves are changing their color and we even had a couple of rainy days over here. This season I am loving apples, cinnamon and pumpkin. This summer I've started to cook and bake all by myself and I'm very delighted to say that I keep doing this. Three week ago I've made pumpkin bread for the first time (because it's not an usual recipe here, in Romania) and it was delicious ! I've never thought pumpkin would make such a neat ingredient! Also, I have to say that cooking/baking gives me peace and makes me feel calm. It's like a therapy. Besides, I like to surprise my mom every now and then with a new dish. 

The photo above was taken this past weekend, when my city, Craiova, was celebrating it's days (every year, at the end of October, the city is getting festive - there are lots of events, theatre plays, handmade fairs, concerts). At the airport was taking place some kind of air performance - there were lots of planes which were doing all those loops in the air. It was a pleasure for the eye! Since the school started I've managed to go out in the weekends and even during the week. It's been fantastic to recharge myself and just breath the fresh air. Also, I want to make more time for drawing/painting. I've been inspired by the idea of taking 30 minutes every day for doing something you love - draw, paint, write, read. It's very important to make time for what you love, in my opinion!

In case you've read everything I've written above, you have to know that I really appreciate! I know I'm not posting very often, but I have big plans and mighty goals, so I'm always thinking about the amazing blogosphere. I hope to see you soon. Have an excellent week and, in case you're in doubt, go write down that idea that's been wandering in your head or make that thing that you've been meaning to do for so long! 

Much love,


P.S. Did I tell you? I've decided: Fall is my favourite season! Happy Halloween ( in case you are celebrating)! :)