Oh, hello there. I’m Larisa – dreamy, creative, sociable and, most importantly, full of dreams and aspirations. I often deconnect myself from the reality through drawing, writing, reading and constant day-dreaming.

I like to smile. I like to receive unexpected mail and text messages. I like long, interesting conversations. I like sewing and thinking of new ideas. I like shopping with my mom. I like talking to my dad. I like drinking tea and capucchino. I like to look for the beuty which lies in small things. I like to live.

I am a Libra, born on 1st October. My favourite verbs are “to balance” and “to believe”. I dream of visiting Japan one sunny day.

I am not organised – I prefer being spontaneous. I dream of being the change I want to see in the world.

I would be more than happy if you’d write me something on my e-mail address: lifeiscolourl [!at] gmail [dot] com. I promise I am friendly!