vineri, 4 decembrie 2009


Hello, hello.

Finally, we're in December- the present's month, as it's also known, here, in Romania.

-On the 1st December, there was our national day - hooray! Unfortunately, I had to spend it studying for my semestre test paper,which was at Romanian. My semestre test paper at Maths will come soon- Tuesday, actually. Cross your fingers.
-On the 3rd of December, there was my Fluffy one's birthday [my best friend, of course]. I wish her all the smiles, hugs and happiness that this world have ever dare to think.
She's the one in the left side and I'm in the right side. Here, we were on a trip in Sibiu, one of our cultural cities.

Here I look pretty devil, aren't I ? We were making plans. Oh, yeah, fluffy plans :X

-On 6th December, we celebrate "Sfantul Nicolae" [which means, practically, Saint Nicholas]. I simply love this holiday. In the 5th's night to 6th, it is said that the Saint Nicholas leaves presents in the children's boots. If you were good, you take a lot of sweets and little surprises. If you were bad, you take a birch and if you revise your behavior, next year you'll find in the boots lots of sweets.
-On 8th December, there's my mother's birthday. She turns 39. I love her [ and my family, of course] more than anything in the Universe and tomorrow I'll be looking for the perfect present [and I'll make one myself, of course]. I wish her all the happiness in this Universe and all the health in this world and in another. She's the best. Seriously. And my best friend, of course. [and my dad, too]
-14th December- We'll take a 3 weeks holiday. I just can't wait. I'm dying for some relaxation.
-24th December- Christmas Eve and, of course, the night when we'll see how good we've been this year. Santa Claus is coming to toooown !!
-25th December- Christmas! That means peaceful, relaxing, a lot of time spent with family and the beloved ones. A warm athmosphere and a white landscape. I'm dreaming right now!!
-26th December- The second day of Christmas. Oh my good, it sound sooo good.
-31st December- A new year to come. Time for reflection and looking back in time. I'm always crying while I'm drinking my champagne. Even if each year has it's good and bad parts, every single one is special and full of things that come true.

Have a special month, everyone!! Tomorrow I'm gonna spend my day with my Fluffy one: we're doing a little shopping, go to eat the best pizza in the world, watch a film at the cinema [ it's called "2012"] and have great time. See you soon.



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