miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009


Hi, there.

As you can see [or not xD], I'm trying to blog more. Actually, I'm pretty addicted.

Yesterday was full of joy. As I had told you, we went at the skating-ring and we had great time. The skating-ring has some hurdles, if I can call them like that. We gathered way, while skating. We played some games and, unexpected, I didn't fall at all :> . I hate falling, because last year I could broke my arm if I were a little careless.

Outside it's snowing just like in fairytales and, you know, sometimes fairytales come true <3 The branches are full of snow and behind the buildings, there is a field and a forest, which complete the landscape. It's like a on-going painting.



And, now, something that reminds me of summer:


Have a great day,


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  1. Yeeey :X Sparkles <3

    Weell, weell, lady, of course you didn`t fall =) You were holding his hand. If you had fell, I would have killed him.

    Oh, and you are perfectly right. Farytales come true, really :)) My farytale came true just today. <3

    Those pictures are great and I hope you will post more from now on ;))



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