duminică, 17 ianuarie 2010

Ah, an endless sky

Hello, everyonee~

Let me apologiese for not keeping my promise ;_; . It was around 11 PM when I wrote the previous post and, you now, I thought that I'll have some time to write something about New Years late in the night:D Unfortunately, I didn't and all the upcoming days were busy and happy like craaazy.
To say some impressions, in the las few moments of 2009 I cried, I've laughed, I hoped and I dreamt. It was pure magic how 2010 came with all that joy and surprise. We were on a
hill ouside my town, where all the fireworks could be seen <3 style="font-size:85%;">Anyways, on 31st December I made a box where I put lots of pieces of paper, where I wrote down my wishes. Shhh. They are absolutely secret. See? That heart is actually a hole in the box. I really hope that on the 31st December 2010 I'll come and say: "All my wished came true in thi wonderful year", so, pretty please, cross your fingers :D
Also, I started a little pretty project, called "The quote of the day". I'm trying hard to find the time to post a quote for every single day. It's sooo fun. I wish I wasn't that busy.

Aw, and I told you I won Katja's giveaway? Yeah, I guess I didn't. It really made my day and, so far, my year. She's an amazing girl. I want to meet her sooo bad, even I'm a shy person. I'll post photos with her heavenly cute creations soon <3.>

Hugs and kisses,


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