vineri, 22 ianuarie 2010

Haha, jooooy

Hey, you!

Today was an important day for me. It was full of emotions, Biology, emotions again, but, I hope, it was worth it! Anyways, to brighten your day, I've choosen a complete list with 20 things you MUST do in life. Haha.

1. Give and receive happy maaaaaaail.

2. Write letters.
3. Read and share with your beloved ones pretty quotes.
4. Read in a place full of memories and inspiration.

5. Shhh! Don't forget to fly ;]
6. Share your feelings
7. Surprise the one you love.
8. Design your life exactely like your soul.

9. Colour people's smiles

10. Think high.
11. Do crazy things.
12. Be yourself.
13. Laugh out loud.

14. Dress like a doll.
15. Create. Dream at new worlds. Find yourself.

16. Be a good friend.
17. Be happy.
18. Be optimist.19. Love and trust.20. Live life in its substance.

Let me know what you think, guys. See you later.



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