miercuri, 3 februarie 2010


Heia, guys !!

Guess what? I have a one week holiday from school *hehe* I couldn't be happier. Seriously :D These days I've been pretty busy with cleaning manga [you know, Japan in is an old -but amazing- obsession of mine]. Working in photoshop is pretty fun when you have someone to talk to, some truffes around you and maybe a glass of juice? Haha, call me dizzy, but I'm addicted to chocolate. I can't change it and, I think, I won't even try it :D

Now, some exciting news: I'm thinking of opening an
Etsy shop. I'm dreaming at this kind of thing for such a long time and, even I didn't shared everything on my blog [time ...], I decided I've evolved pretty much as an artist and, just because of that, I'll give it a try in the near future.

In the up-coming days I'll show you some fun projects I've been working on. I'm SO, SO excited !!
Anyways, in the past few months I've had nightmares every single night and this thing is really scaring me. I mean, I think I don't have enough minerals and things like this - so, from time to time, I have a strange kind of dizziness. I really hope to get through this, 'cause I wanna everything to be alright. I felt like I should tell you this, just because I want you to understand how important are little things for me - and I hope those thing will help me out :D

It's already February and I think it will be a great and challenging mounth for all of us. Uhm, and just because these days I felt inspired and, you know, I pretty much hope February will be filled with dots of happiness, I've drawn a special model. Unfortunately, I couldn't scan it right now, so tomorrow I'll be back with it and with a new fashion inspired post.

Love yooou,


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