vineri, 5 februarie 2010

Fashion Saturday

Hello there :D

As I promised, I'm back with a new fashion inspired post. These days I was extremely inspired, so yesterday I spent almost all day painting models. How I love that!

Aw, and just recentely I've been in love with vintage dresses, especially the '40-'50-'60 period. They're just amazing. Oh, and as we all know fashion goes and come, the past decades are always an endless source of inspiration.

I would love to wear this dress when spring will finally be here. It gives me that kind of
a cheerful mood. I'm in love.

One of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen - and found in my favourite etsy shop.
Fresh and sweet. Love it.
Oh, how I love all those pretties.Perfect for a summer morning walk.

Ah, so dainty.

First image source
Second, third, forth, fifth, sixth image source

P.S. Come later this afternoon with some secret projects I've been working on.

Love, love,


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