miercuri, 30 iunie 2010


Guys, I apologize for posting so late in the night. I am SO sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes opened.

Today I've:
-cleaned my room a little bit
-went outside with some friends
-opened my mother's pack [she let my do it, 'cuz I love to unpack, haha] and admired all her new beads
-finished prompt no. #6 [I know I have tons to catch up with]
-watched Inuyasha [like crazy as always]
-worked on something for my mom [I'll show you all tomorrow]
-thought at everything
It wasn't such a productive day, but it was fine. Tomorrow my baby cousin, my aunt and my uncle are showing up, so I'll be a little busy.Night-night,


marți, 29 iunie 2010


Heya, guys.

Aw, today was SO relaxing. It's actually been a long time since I last had a day when all I've done was to play around with colors, paint, create, think about everything, watch things I enjoy and stuff like this. I'm glad to anouncce that today was the day, haha .

This page is dedicated to my all time heros - the ones who gave me a notebook called LIFE, just for the days when I want to doodle something on the creation idea. Love you for everything, but everything you did, you're doing and will ever do. I know it will be the right thing. Now and forever, you will always have a special place in my heart, because you are you, no matter how this world may be changing.
Here, I was just answering an existetial problem. What my heart looks like? Well, my heart represent who I am. My heart represents my true self. My heart represents a whole Universe. I am an Universe, just every and each of us is.
I was just playing around with the idea of a comic book page. Here there are my most beloved blogs, playing an important role in my life, just as a character can change the whole comic book. I really had a great time doing it.

Also, today I've been working with FIMO, drawing with my beloved BAMBOO and thinking BIG. These days I'll show you more, so stay focused.

All the love,

miss l

luni, 28 iunie 2010

Back in the game

Aww, 17 June seems so far in the past - the last time I post due to the fact I wasn't home-, but so many things happened. Well, 11 days are always full of things, BUT those 11 days where the longest days I have ever lived - in the best way.

Just imagine that on 22 June, the longest day of the whole year, I was awake 24/24hours. That was the day when I left for Belgium. Oh, and about Brussels...I truly [madly deeply] have no words. I mean, it was like a fairytale to me. A dream city. A breath. A fried potato. A chinese. A sight of Grand Place. A place where magic happens.

I swear. I truly swear that one day I'll go there again. I'll breath that fresh air. I'll smile. I'll have a sit on the Grand Place's warm floor. I'll laugh. I'll live with all my heart.

Also, David, my little cousin is a sweet pie. I love him dearly. I think it's unfair of me to wish him to grow up fast, just to have the chance to have long converssations. I want him to be as is. He's unique in his very own way and that's why I feel so much affection for him.

In other words, I have three promts to photo, so that I can share them all with you. Due to the fact I wasn't home, I have 10 prompts to catch up, but it's okay for me. I don't have a reason to hurry, because that's why I accepted this challenge- in order to take my time, reflect and meet my true self.

I'll share soon my trip in pictures.

Ow, Brussels, I miss you so.

joi, 17 iunie 2010

My baby cousin

Today was one of those full-speed days, when you are all in a rush. I've been to that school meeting - were I enjoyed seeing everyone, some shopping and then package [which I haven't finished yet] and get myself ready for the next three days. I'm really nervous to finally see my little cousin! How will he be like [I only know him from photos, since he lives in the United Kingdom] ?Just wanted to let you know why I will not be posting the next days. I feel very sorry for that, but, honestly, I will have no internet where I'm going [or so I think] and even if I will be connected to the Internet, I won't have any time to write something.

Ah, if you've been wondering where's my no. #3 prompt, well...It's on its way! I just have to work a little bit more on it and it will be finished, but as I just told you, I will have no chance to post it - so I think Monday it will go live...
I'm really hoping I will enjoy our trip and we'll have a great time there :d Now I'll just share a little piece of Heaven with you, before I'm saying 'goodbye'.

[source : lookbook.nu]

Already miss you,


miercuri, 16 iunie 2010


Prompt no. #2. It was tons of fun to make, just as this challenge is! I mean, I think this is an awazing way to relax and enjoy yourself. At least, I do feel so.

Tomorrow will be a busy, busy day. I have to go at some kind of meeting with my classmates and some teachers, in order to be told some more information about our trip to Belgium. Yep, Belgium. I really didn't say a word about it and I feel very sorry, but, as you can see, now I'm trying to post daily - hehe. Then, I will have to pack clothes and stuff, because friday morning we're going to Cluj - were I'm gonna be the rest of the weekend, in order to take part at my cousin's baptism. Then, as soon as I'l be back home, I'll have to leave again for Belgium - on Tuesday. Complicated.

I'm off to draw some more - and watch Inuyasha. I can't be helped. I'm in love. Addicted. Hopeless.



marți, 15 iunie 2010

Oh, my!

Oh, my, I can't believe it - even if it went live 15 minutes ago or so. I have a blog button. Wohoo!

I've wanted one for so long, but just didn't find the perfect tags to write for Mr. Google. Haha. Thanks to eHow I've finally figured it out. Really happy about it. Also, if you want to spread the colour, you can copy the code from the right side of my blog and paste it on your own blog. If you do so, please let me know - this way I can add your button to my blog, too.

In other news, in the morning I've completed the first prompt for Janel's 30 day challenge. It was my first ever attempt to journaling, so maybe that's why I'm so excited. Now I can't wait to complete the second, than the third and so on...

Also, today I've been:

-watching Inuyasha like crazy and savurated every second of it
-drawing, drawing, drawing
-designing things
-sewing a secret project for even a more secret special friend of mine

It was one of those days when you are free to do anything you want to. Purrfect.
What have you been up to?

luni, 14 iunie 2010

Welcome, Summer

It's oficially summer!

Hooray! I've been thinking so much about its arrival that I barely realised it's really here. These days we had crazy temperatures, like 37, 5 degrees Celsius in a shadowly place. Omg. Also, this past weekend I've been in the countryside, at my grandparents with my parents, my little brother and my cousins. It was refreshing and the landscapes were breathtaking - too sad I didn't take any pictures.

Also, there are so many things going on! I have a lot catching up to do. I get bored of me posting so rare --> I'm gonna fix this thing. Promise!

The whole morning I watched my favourite anime of all time - Inuyasha and now my eyes hurt badly. I'm off to do some pictures of my latest projects [just to show you, guys ] and think about my new blogging schedule. This time I'll be back soon - not only because of my new plans for the blog, but also because today started the ' 30 days Journal Challenge' [by the lovely Janel], which I can not wait to complete.

Love you,