miercuri, 16 iunie 2010


Prompt no. #2. It was tons of fun to make, just as this challenge is! I mean, I think this is an awazing way to relax and enjoy yourself. At least, I do feel so.

Tomorrow will be a busy, busy day. I have to go at some kind of meeting with my classmates and some teachers, in order to be told some more information about our trip to Belgium. Yep, Belgium. I really didn't say a word about it and I feel very sorry, but, as you can see, now I'm trying to post daily - hehe. Then, I will have to pack clothes and stuff, because friday morning we're going to Cluj - were I'm gonna be the rest of the weekend, in order to take part at my cousin's baptism. Then, as soon as I'l be back home, I'll have to leave again for Belgium - on Tuesday. Complicated.

I'm off to draw some more - and watch Inuyasha. I can't be helped. I'm in love. Addicted. Hopeless.



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