luni, 14 iunie 2010

Welcome, Summer

It's oficially summer!

Hooray! I've been thinking so much about its arrival that I barely realised it's really here. These days we had crazy temperatures, like 37, 5 degrees Celsius in a shadowly place. Omg. Also, this past weekend I've been in the countryside, at my grandparents with my parents, my little brother and my cousins. It was refreshing and the landscapes were breathtaking - too sad I didn't take any pictures.

Also, there are so many things going on! I have a lot catching up to do. I get bored of me posting so rare --> I'm gonna fix this thing. Promise!

The whole morning I watched my favourite anime of all time - Inuyasha and now my eyes hurt badly. I'm off to do some pictures of my latest projects [just to show you, guys ] and think about my new blogging schedule. This time I'll be back soon - not only because of my new plans for the blog, but also because today started the ' 30 days Journal Challenge' [by the lovely Janel], which I can not wait to complete.

Love you,


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