joi, 17 iunie 2010

My baby cousin

Today was one of those full-speed days, when you are all in a rush. I've been to that school meeting - were I enjoyed seeing everyone, some shopping and then package [which I haven't finished yet] and get myself ready for the next three days. I'm really nervous to finally see my little cousin! How will he be like [I only know him from photos, since he lives in the United Kingdom] ?Just wanted to let you know why I will not be posting the next days. I feel very sorry for that, but, honestly, I will have no internet where I'm going [or so I think] and even if I will be connected to the Internet, I won't have any time to write something.

Ah, if you've been wondering where's my no. #3 prompt, well...It's on its way! I just have to work a little bit more on it and it will be finished, but as I just told you, I will have no chance to post it - so I think Monday it will go live...
I'm really hoping I will enjoy our trip and we'll have a great time there :d Now I'll just share a little piece of Heaven with you, before I'm saying 'goodbye'.

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Already miss you,


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