joi, 31 decembrie 2009

Katja and giveaway

Hello, hello.

Long time no see. I was really busy with all the Christmas stuff, and you know, I was so lazy that I couldn't write a single word. I have to say it was an interesting Christmas for me, if I can say so. My Christmas tree has been brighting my ideas and my euphoric mood. On the 24th, I met my best friend, Alexandra, and give her my special present: a wise owl!

Anyway, in this post I've really wanted to present one of my greatest inspiration. Katja is a 25 years old German woman who owns Maedchenmitherz [] . As I could see in her posts, she's a lover of life, a creative person and a great artist. I check her blog aprox. 7 times a day or even more. I truly appreciate her.

She has a GIVEAWAY *yay* , so I really think you mustn't miss it. Here are the things that you can win:

Here there are a fawn brooch, which is actually my favourite, a crocheted headband and a XO-brooch. They're awseome and so is Katja [by the way, I always wanted to say that I love this name].

The last day is today, 31st December, so make sure you won't miss it. Here's the direct link:

P.S. I'll come later with a new year special post. See you then, sweeties!



marți, 22 decembrie 2009


'Morning sunshine.

I've just woken up and I already have big, but BIG plans. Besides today will be a busy one, 'cause I'm trying hard to finish all my Christmas presents: go to the copy shop, print, print, print; make something cuuuute with the things you have, pack and hide them. Ah, man, that sounds like a plan and a half :]]

Yesterday I had a photo shoot. Yay. First, I wanted some photos for my X-mas presents. Second, I was inspired. Holy craaap, very inspired! Third, in the past few years I was frequently asked what I want to become once I grow up; I thought really hard at this topic and I've realised that the only career that is meant to be mine is an art one. Okaaaay, but art is a large domain? What about art? Then, I thought about my talents: writing, imagination, drawing, dreaming, communication, talking and talking to people who have the same aspirations as me. So, that's it: I'll be a writer and a fashion designer. YEAH!!

I intend to talk more about fashion, especially because I'm sturdier than ever. I know who I am, I know what I can, I know my way, so let it happen! I've found some fashion models from spring, which I have never colored since two days ago. Actually, I have one more model to color. Here's the first one:

From now on, I'll post my fashion inspiration, models, hopes and, yeah, all I'll think of. Anyways, I decided I'll pursue Art& Design in the USA, so I'll definitely need some help. If someone knows something about fashion schools there, it'll be a bless!

Okay, more later, when I'll share the greatest Christmas shop I have ever seen - in Stratford [William Shakespeare's birthplace], England.

So, which is your dream career?

I'm going to my warm breakfast nou - hot capucchino, yuuuum. See you later this day.

Have a wonderful morning,

Larisa xxxx

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009


Hi, there.

As you can see [or not xD], I'm trying to blog more. Actually, I'm pretty addicted.

Yesterday was full of joy. As I had told you, we went at the skating-ring and we had great time. The skating-ring has some hurdles, if I can call them like that. We gathered way, while skating. We played some games and, unexpected, I didn't fall at all :> . I hate falling, because last year I could broke my arm if I were a little careless.

Outside it's snowing just like in fairytales and, you know, sometimes fairytales come true <3 The branches are full of snow and behind the buildings, there is a field and a forest, which complete the landscape. It's like a on-going painting.



And, now, something that reminds me of summer:


Have a great day,


luni, 14 decembrie 2009


Hi, thereeee . Long time no see, huh? Yeah, I think so and I'm really sorry. I've missed blogging, even if I don't post that much xD [but I'm trying hard to find time for this, seriously]. In the past two weeks I've learnt another bit of the life's "Friendship Lessons". I know, the truth really hurts, but I think that's better for both sides. Here there are some of the thinks I've learnt more about this days:

1. Smiling is the best remedy for inward problems, so LET'S SMILE.

Nothing's better than a person to laugh with :]] . Here's some lyrics that I found while surfing on the internet. If anyone knows who owns those pretty, pretty stuff, just let me know:

I can't stop smiling, when you say I'm sweet.
I can't stop smiling, when we meet.
I can't stop smiling, when you text me.
I can't stop smiling, when you lie you hand on my knee.
I can't stop smiling, when you touch me so gentle.
I can't stop smiling, when you get sentimental.
I can't stop smiling, when you take my hand.
I can't stop smiling, when you come to me unplanned.
I can't stop smiling, when you say something fun.
I can't stop smiling, when you kiss my fingers one by one.
I can't stop smiling, when you kiss my cheek.
I can't stop smiling, when I see you're feeling weak.
I can't stop smiling, when we kiss.
I can't stop smiling, when right after, it's you
I miss.

I couldn't stop smiling, when you wispe
red I love you into my ear.
I couldn't stop smiling, when you suddently brought all this fear.
I couldn't stop smiling, when I said it to you too.

I can't stop crying, when I now know, none of it was true.

2. Never stop being creative. "Before you judge me, try hard to love me" [Michael Jackson]. Here's what I've done two weeks ago. Isn't she a sweetie?

I named her "Mushy". She's my first amigurumi and I'm simply in love. She brights my days and gives a happy atmosphere to the whole room.

I know, the pictures aren't as I wish to be, but there was a cloudy day and my hand was shaking. I promise I'll take more soon - better ones.

And here there is a knitted bow, made by my very talented mom. It makes a cute hairclip, isn't it? I'm mad about it. Seriously. Thanks mooom <3

3. Be yourself! I know, that's pretty common, but even if everybody knows you must be you, just a few understand this quote. That means:

~do what you like to do

~act like you feel you have to act

~ never wait until it's too late. Personally, I don't like alarm clocks at all, but, to be honest, I'm not a punctual person, so I must find a balance between my short time and the things I have to do.
I want a clock like this soooo bad . No pressure. It's the best, isn't it? I think I'll try to do one and I'll show you the result, okay? I'm sooo excited.

5. Always do your best and don't doubt you.

6. Take care of your real friends and always give them moral support. Just think that not anyone is meant to have a real friend in his whole life. Give friendship and you'll receive friendship.


I'm going to bed right now. It's 1:19 AM here and I'm pretty tired. Outside it's snowing just like in fairytales. I hope we'll have white holidays. Tomorrow I'm gonna go shopping to find myself pretty gloves, because it's FREEZING. Br-r-r-r. Then, in the evening, I'm going with some friends at the skating-ring. I'm sooo excited <3

Have a good night sleeping,


vineri, 4 decembrie 2009


Hello, hello.

Finally, we're in December- the present's month, as it's also known, here, in Romania.

-On the 1st December, there was our national day - hooray! Unfortunately, I had to spend it studying for my semestre test paper,which was at Romanian. My semestre test paper at Maths will come soon- Tuesday, actually. Cross your fingers.
-On the 3rd of December, there was my Fluffy one's birthday [my best friend, of course]. I wish her all the smiles, hugs and happiness that this world have ever dare to think.
She's the one in the left side and I'm in the right side. Here, we were on a trip in Sibiu, one of our cultural cities.

Here I look pretty devil, aren't I ? We were making plans. Oh, yeah, fluffy plans :X

-On 6th December, we celebrate "Sfantul Nicolae" [which means, practically, Saint Nicholas]. I simply love this holiday. In the 5th's night to 6th, it is said that the Saint Nicholas leaves presents in the children's boots. If you were good, you take a lot of sweets and little surprises. If you were bad, you take a birch and if you revise your behavior, next year you'll find in the boots lots of sweets.
-On 8th December, there's my mother's birthday. She turns 39. I love her [ and my family, of course] more than anything in the Universe and tomorrow I'll be looking for the perfect present [and I'll make one myself, of course]. I wish her all the happiness in this Universe and all the health in this world and in another. She's the best. Seriously. And my best friend, of course. [and my dad, too]
-14th December- We'll take a 3 weeks holiday. I just can't wait. I'm dying for some relaxation.
-24th December- Christmas Eve and, of course, the night when we'll see how good we've been this year. Santa Claus is coming to toooown !!
-25th December- Christmas! That means peaceful, relaxing, a lot of time spent with family and the beloved ones. A warm athmosphere and a white landscape. I'm dreaming right now!!
-26th December- The second day of Christmas. Oh my good, it sound sooo good.
-31st December- A new year to come. Time for reflection and looking back in time. I'm always crying while I'm drinking my champagne. Even if each year has it's good and bad parts, every single one is special and full of things that come true.

Have a special month, everyone!! Tomorrow I'm gonna spend my day with my Fluffy one: we're doing a little shopping, go to eat the best pizza in the world, watch a film at the cinema [ it's called "2012"] and have great time. See you soon.