miercuri, 15 februarie 2012

This year...


This year I want to take more photos (good ones, I hope) and then print them in order to make an album of this year. Thank you so much, Vera , for the inspiration!

How are you?

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  1. I have recently bought some nice prints, I,m going to print some of my pics too <3

    1. oh, I,ve just noticed I have written "prints" twice, that were frames which I had bought :)

  2. That's a great goal! I found that doing my "peek at my week" posts really helped to make sure that I picked up my camera to just take every day photos! And sometimes they can turn out really nice! :) I'm going to be doing a post soon about this book that I made with some photos from the past couple of years. I love it so much that at the end of every year I'm going to make a new one!


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