marți, 7 februarie 2012

Color love: Turquoise


Some of you don't know, but turquoise is my favorite color. Yes, it's true :) When I was little I loved blue. Now I love both blue and green and that's turquoise.

I would like to use more turquoise in my illustrations, but I guess I just have to find the courage to express myself better.

In other words, today was a full day. I still have lots to do, but I am sure it will be all good in the end. Thank you so much for reading this little blog :)

Which is your favorite color?

2 comentarii:

  1. Mine to! :) I think is an exquisite color and it suites me very well. And I have some great turquoise backgrounds in my database ;)
    PS: That chair is awesome!

  2. Turquoise is such a pretty colour! Especially on that chair!

    I actually don't have a favourite colour! hehe. Just a favourite number! Which is 5!


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