luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

What's going on?

Mondays are not that bad. Actually, I had a pretty good day and I am feeling tired (but good) right now. Yesterday morning (on Sunday) it has snowed for an hour. I was so excited that I spent that hour just admiring the snowflakes! Unfortunately, it melted right away.

Also, today I've thought about some projects that I want to start. One of these is a free e-course about illustration. Although I am completely self-taught, I would really like writing something like this. Are you in? If so, I'll start planning right away :)

Also, I've written a new page on the blog, Blog Buttons. If you have already read it, than you know that I am willing to make 'ad swaps' with blogs that share the same interests as mine. It's completely free :)

What are you working on?

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  1. Ahh today all of our snow is melting... such a bummer! I hope that we get more... although I think it's supposed to stay fairly warm this week... 2 or 3 degrees for the rest of the week... bummer, haha.

    That sounds interesting about the illustration ecourse! :)


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