luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

Be different!

This is an illustration I did yesterday evening. It's my first time drawing feathers and I already love them!

Well, I did this illustration, because I know how important it is to be different. Different in a good way. Better. Stronger. More creative. I consider myself a soft person, but also strong and unbreakable. I have a strong faith and I guide myself after it.

This is a reminder for the everyday life. We sometimes forget it and consider ourselves strange or awkward. Well, we're not. We're just special. I am sure of it.

What do you do in order to stay motivated?

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  1. Sometimes I try and take time out, and reflect on everything. That somehow helps me get motivated! The illustration is very inspiring (as are all of yours), and I am a huge fan of them! You are very talented. I agree that being different is good, I think it's something amplified since I've been blogging. At first I thought I had to be like someone for people to enjoy my blog, but the wonder of it is that we all bring something different to blogging! xo

    Ps - I will add your button on my blog tomorrow as we agree through e-mail :) xx


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