luni, 9 ianuarie 2012

Blogging thoughts

Hi, there!

These days I worked like crazy on some projects (a DIY, a new print and, of course, making this blog work). I've recently discovered a great blog, called My girl Thursday, which has a page with blogging advice. I've seen all the videos there and begun thinking. What should I do in order to have a regular audience? I know I AM myself. I really am now, after a period of doubts. I would love to have a pretty, pretty blog, read by pretty, pretty people. Those past days I received some great comments and I am very thankful for that. Do you think this is the way a beginning should be? I would love to know the stories behind your blog! Here are 3 things I learnt since 2009 about blogging:

1. Be yourself. I know this is a very common one, but it is very important. I mean, if you are yourself, then you will stand out in the crowd. I am very emotive person and being myself wasn't that easy in the beginning. Let the people who read your blog know you. You can always write about:
  • what you like
  • your greatest achievements
  • a trip
  • anything that it's not too personal and is worth sharing

2. Be constant. Nobody follows a blog which writes posts at months distance. I know this is my case and I am really sorry for that, but now I made it my goal to be constant on this little piece of universe.

3. Be positive. People often read your blog in their coffe break and nobody wants to read your problems. It's okay to post from time to time some posts, if you feel like doing this, but don't make those problems the subject of your blog.

Thank you so much for reading this! If you have any piece of advice, I would be glad to read them :)

3 comentarii:

  1. Lovely post, helpful tips :)
    Yes, being yourself is more than important! You will be surprised, but when I just started blogging, I thought I would write a fashion blog, a stupid fashion blog, haha :)
    Later I realized it wasn,t interesting for me at all, I deleted all of the posts about fashion and focused on my passion for photography. Because photography is everything for me. It,s my life.

    You haven,t mentioned being active and being nice to other people)
    I love commenting on different blogs and telling people that what they do is wonderful) It gives me pleasure, because comments make us... happy :)

  2. Hey, Vera :)

    Oh, a fashion blog? What a coincidence! This summer I was all about outfits and, if you search my blog, you'll find a few. Now I am just focusing on personal fulfillment, illustrating and taking my own photos :)

    You're right! Being nice to people is really important :) I love that, too! When I see that people are commenting on my blog, I know it was all worth it :)

    Thank you so much for your comment! You always make me smile :)

  3. I'm excited that you are getting back into the swing of blogging! It can take a while to find your own blogging voice and get readers, but just keep at it & people will come and you will get into a sort of groove. :)


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