vineri, 17 septembrie 2010

Little apologize & little somethings [newsletter project]

Hello, there :)

Guys, today it's been a week since I haven't posted literally anything. I do apologize for this from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive my absence - it wasn't meant, I promise. It was just the cruel result of my classes + some tehnical problems with my blog - saying that it's not safe to log in [even now I am at risk, but I have taken it for the blogging sake!].

Okay, so, about school - all I have to say it's that it's not for me. Seriously, if privat lessons were for everyone, I would definitely take them at home. I swear some days I'm counting the seconds - I, myself, expect a more creative life. I want an interesting one, doing all the things I love how I want. Not that I don't like learning - that's not true. I like learning new things, but not this way :)

Also, today I've discovered a gorgeous site that offers you the posibility of sending newsletters [without paying one cent]. In other words, I invite you to check out the right side bar, right above my Blogroll [the blogs I love]. So, if you'd like to find out little secrets and receive special surprises, don't hesitate to subscribe :) Ohhh, I'm so, so excited about this :'>

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