luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Today and a little 'welcome back'

Hello, guys.
How was your day? Mine was so f u l l - in a good and enchanting way. In the morning I went shopping with my mother and found almost everything we need; painted; read about my most fav ourite painter (I'll told you later, promise) ; painted some more; made future plans (shhh!) ; had our little cousins with us all the evening. Puuure magic.

These days, as I'll find some time to scan a little sneak peek, I'll show you the project I've been working one for...hmmm, let's say - seven months. I'll talk more about it in this particular post that will come very soon - I want to make sure everything's perfect, you know.

Anyways, in other words, I want to welcome back my bestie. She recen
tlly opened a new and updated blog, so go and leave her a cute 'hello'.

See you very soon ,


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