vineri, 1 octombrie 2010

I am f i f t e e n

Holy, cow!

Today I turned f i f t e e n years old.
f i f t e e n
f i f t e e n


Believe me, it seems like a dream for me - i mean, i can't believe this is really happening. I am so excited, but also so nervous. The whole day I laughed and smiled - i couldn't stop myself. Just once in life you turn f i f t e e n. Really, i am this big? I disagree. Point.

I plan to share some photos soon [read: take them, 'cause the whole day i was at school, so...]. Tomorrow is a big day, so i have to catch up some sleep. I'm drunk of excitement :)

This was just a quick post in order to let you know that i am alive and, also, that i am a year bigger. Tomorrow, most probably, i'll have a real birthday post.

Love you for being there,


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