vineri, 2 iulie 2010

THE idea

[source: we heart it]

Only a fun idea I've just had moments ago...

Only because I'm going to my grandparents soon, where I'll have no internet doesn't mean my blog will remain abandoned for the rest of the summer. No way something like that could happend again ;]

So, the rest of the summer I'll post ALMOST-daily a short, quick, but funny thing named 'Looking forward to...', where I'll share things I can't wait to happen, reasons for that, certain dates, impressions and some other little things that I'll let you notice yourselves.

Also, I'll keep you updated with a series of post where I'll share my latest fashion crushes, how to wear them and also a little bonus.

So, in spite of the fact I'll not be home, my blog will be awake, energic and full of summer joy.

I'm off to watch some Inuyasha, haha :">

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  1. Hope you have lots of fun at your grandparents!! >:D< <3 Love you, miss.


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