marți, 6 martie 2012

I'm trying...

These days I am really trying to do my best at school and think positive. It's very challenging for me as I am a sensitive person, but I am doing my best!

A piece of advice that I can give is to think of the things that you can do today in order to make tomorrow better. I encourage you to live in the present moment (but you can also make goals for the future to keep you fresh and positive!).Also, I always make imaginary lists. They help me a lot in the every day life, although I'm not an organised person.

Do something for you everyday. It doesn't have to be something big or important. You can paint your nails once in a while. You can read a book. You can listen to your favourite band. It doesn't matter. Just spend some time with yourself!

I am trying really hard to keep a balance between school and spare time. I know I need both of them in order to grow as a person!

How are you? :)

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  1. School always makes me a bit depressed, but I try to stay positive. Dale Carnegie wrote that we can make our lives better pretending we love doing what we have to do :) So, I pretend going to school gives me pleasure, and it really works!

    Wish you good luck <3


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