vineri, 26 august 2011

London - the capital of endless beauty // part two

Here there is the emblem that stands on the top of the Buckingham Palace's gates. Can you imagine that in the back of those gates happends to be the Queen, the guardians and the whole story?
Here I am in front of the statue of Queen Victoria. At the bottom of the statue there is written "Victoria- Regina Imperiatrix". It's so stunning and worth visiting!There we are. Here, my aunt was taking the picture of the rest of us on the bridge, while we were admiring the Tamisa River. Right near us, there was the London's Eye and in the back, the Parliment.
And, of course, the famous Big Ben, from where the clocks are set in the entire world.

There are many, many more pictures taken and words to say, but I don't want to make from this post a sea of photos. I'll share gradualy, so that I won't bore you in any way :)

Thank you so much for reading.

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