luni, 22 august 2011

London - the capital of endless beauty // part one

So, on 6 August 2011, right before the attacks started, my mother, my aunt, my uncle and me came to chase the beauty of London. I can't express in words how many butterflies this city gives me. I can only say that everytime I visit it I feel good. I feel complete. I feel more like myself.Right above, me and my beloved mom were opening the gates of faith, love and will. We were standing in front of the Buckingham Palace, where the Queen was home ( we knew that because the flag was stiff).

Here there is me standing in the back of the statue of Nelson and right in front of the National Galleries, which, I have to say, are fabulous. You have to visit them and admire the talent of so many painters.

Right here I am standing in front of a sign that guides you to the Westminster Abbey, which I've visited and it's absolutely amazing. The arhitecture is simply stunning. Also, the sign leads you to the House of Parliment, which, in my opinion, looks like a palace from the fairytales.

I'll come back with more. Love you,


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