duminică, 2 ianuarie 2011

New Year's goals & ambitions

Hey, there :D

As I told you in the previous post, I have a feeling that this year will be a big one. I dare to say that it will be a creative, productive and sweet one. I already have tons of goals and ambitions for the days to come, so I thought it might be alright to share a few of them ['cause my list is endless, seriously].

1. Write more - I used to d
o it a lot in the past and I really want to start imaginating again.

2. Write my dream b

3. Use more often my Bamboo tab

4. Paint some canvases.

5. Illustrate more fashion collections.

6. Print out my illustrations.

7. Read more.

8. Watch more movies.

9. Post daily on my blog, no matter what.

10. Go to the high school I want.

11. I'll start writing haiku [japanese poems].

12. Learn everything about Japan.

13. Pretend I am a journalist and write articles from time to time.

14. Take my camera wherever I go.

15. Learn web design.

16. I'll define my personal style.

17. I'll be more energic, more like Larisa.

18. Learn to work with Weronika, my sewing machine [which was one
of my Christmas presents]

19. Think big.

20. Start illustrating a 'What I wore' series.

I can not wait to make them happen,


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  1. This sounds like such a great list of goals! Good luck, I'm sure that you will reach them all! I hope you will be documenting everything in your blog so I can read along. :)

    If you would like to help me out with my project (check out my blog, I'm celebrating every strange holiday for the entire year... haha. I want to get different artists to draw a little doodle about the day.) then let me know! Send me an e-mail, if you would like. hollcrawford@gmail.com

    Hope you're having a lovely night!


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